$500 from Armenian Youth Federation and $1000 from The Pollination Project

Talking to a 40 kids
about my project. You can
see the bike-a-thon route
on the projector

Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that we have raised $3000 out of the $4200 needed. I am very grateful for the donation on behalf of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF). After giving a presentation about Bikes 4 Orphans to 40 kids from ages 8-16, they donated $500 to this project. The good news does not end there. I have been applying for many grants in hopes of being awarded money for this cause and The Pollination Project has been very generous and donated $1000 to Bikes 4 Orphans. These past couple of days have really advanced this project toward our goal of $4200. Thank you so much to AYF, The Pollination Project and all the other donors.

In order to raise the rest of the $1200, we have planned bake sales at St. Francis High School, a dinner fundraiser at a local restaurant, and the Bike-a-thon in May.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped with this project. We are changing the lives of 42 very deserving orphans!



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