Happy Birthday Deena!

I knew that in order for this project to succeed, I needed to inspire teenagers to help these 42 orphans! I am honored and proud to say that this has come true, especially from a generous donation from a teenage girl, Deena. She just celebrated her 14th birthday. Most teenagers want to buy clothes, video games, shoes and other “stuff”, but instead she decided to donate $300 from her birthday money to this cause. She is an inspiration to all teenagers, that we do have the power to change lives. Her generous gift will allow us to buy 3 bicycles for orphans, some of them which are teenagers like Deena and I. Her donation will change the lives of these three orphans forever and give them the precious gift of education. I hope Deena can be a role model to other teenagers! Thank you Deena for your support and for believing in this cause!

With her donation, I am pleased to say that we have now raised $3300! Only $900 until we reach our goal!


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