Shawnt Bazikian - President of One Bicycle Foundation
Co-Founder & CEO
Sebouh is a UCLA graduate. Sebouh was 16 when he started Bikes 4 Orphans which soon evolved into the One Bicycle Foundation. Apart from running day to day operations, Sebouh is in charge of bicycle delivery logistics and the Young Philanthropists Program. When he’s not working, he enjoys cycling and spending time with his brother.
Co-Founder & President
Shawnt is currently a student at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor studying Economics. Shawnt leads multiple fundraisers and is in charge of graphics and web content. Shawnt is pursuing a career in investment banking and spends his free time running his website design firm called Sparky Web Development.
Vice President
Alec Melidonian is currently a 6th grader in La Canada with a strong passion for cycling. He will soon begin middle school where he will continue pursuing philanthropic causes. When he is not riding his bike or advancing the One Bicycle Foundation, he enjoys playing golf and photography. 
Vice President
Matthew is also a UCLA graduate who has always been extremely passionate about charity and community service. A good friend of the Bazikians, Matthew joined One Bicycle Foundation in high school and continuously assists in presentations, fundraisers, and growth of the organization. He loves making music in his spare time.
One Bicycle Foundation has a three-part mission. First, we want to change lives through bicycle empowerment. Bicycles are powerful tools for change that provide access to education, jobs, and healthcare in regions where the lack of the aforementioned services leads to a continuous cycle of poverty. Geographical isolation of marginalized groups from vital opportunities is a widespread problem and the most cost effective solution is bicycles. Second, we want to motivate privileged students in our communities to help impoverished students across the globe. And third, we want to inspire the youth to combine their passion with charity. We want to challenge young people, through our presentations and media platforms, to tackle worldwide problems with their own curiosities, hobbies, and passions.