Young Philanthropists Program

Partnering with schools, youth led organizations, and students to create successful fundraisers by providing the right resources and mentorship

Sumner Elementary School (Pomona, CA)

Sumner Elementary School was the first school we partnered up with. After a presentation by the OBF team, highlighting the conditions of orphans walking to school in developing countries, the students started a community wide bake sale to raise money for orphans in South Africa.

St. Francis High School (La Canada, CA)

OBF partnered with the St. Francis Mountain Biking Team to host our first bike-a-thon that highlighted a new cycling and hiking trail constructed by the City of Glendale. With the support of the City Council and the local community, the fundraiser was a huge success that raised funds for the delivery of bicycles to an orphanage in Kenya!

Chandler Elementary and Middle School (Pasadena, CA)

The Chandler 3rd graders hosted a Bike Rodeo all by themselves! The Bike Rodeo consisted of a workshop to teach inexperienced students how to ride a bicycle and a mini-bike-a-thon sponsored by friends and family. The Chandler 8th graders hosted their own Bike-a-thon and BBQ as students raised funds based on how many laps they completed.

Copped Clothing (Glendale, CA)

A clothing brand started by a team of high schoolers. They combined their passion for design and streetwear with charity to produce a minimalistic clothing line for OBF. The sales of the t-shirts and hoodies were used to generate funds for a bicycle delivery to a school in Tanzania!

Coed Recs (Los Angeles, CA)

A collegiate record label started by students at UCLA. OBF and Coed Recs hosted an electronic dance music fundraiser at a nightclub featuring up and coming collegiate DJs. Proceeds were used to fund future deliveries!

310.Wav (Malibu, CA)

A media company started by students at Pepperdine University. They combined their passion for music and video production with charity to generate enormous hype with a creative marketing campaign and by hosting a fundraiser at a nightclub!

AGBU Young Professionals (Los Angeles, CA)

A network of young Armenians that work together to support various Armenian initiatives. OBF partnered with AGBU to combine our passion with cycling with charity by organizing an indoor cycling fundraiser. The proceeds supported AGBU’s Women Empowerment Program, an initiative to combat gender inequality in Armenia.

TUMO (Yerevan, Armenia)

An educational institution based in Armenia that organizes countless workshops related to technology for students from middle school to college. We partnered with TUMO to lead two workshops. One workshop was led by a graphic designer and fashion designer to lead the students in the development of cycling attire. Pictures can be found here. The second workshop was led by a cycling engineer to design a sustainable prototype bicycle that OBF could eventually manufacture for future deliveries in Armenia. More information can be found here.

Hoops 4 All (Los Angeles, CA)

Hoops For All was started by Grace, a freshman in high school, who wanted to combine her passion for basketball with charity. The purpose of her initiative is to provide basketball hoops and other gear to impoverished students in Armenia so they can also experience the joy of basketball. She wants to share her passion for basketball because basketball can improve a student's physical health, social life, and academic performance by promoting team work and focus.

Boards For All (Pasadena, CA)

Lucas and Liam are brothers in middle school with a passion for skateboarding. They want to use their passion for skateboarding to host a competition in order to raise funds to deliver skateboards and gear to foster youth in LA County! They believe that skateboarding can clear a student’s mind from troubles at home and in their neighborhood. In addition, skateboarding can build self-confidence and new friendships for those impoverished students without a support network.