One Bicycle Foundation and TUMO Studios Bicycle Prototype

We recently had a three week workshop in September with TUMO Studios, a branch of the TUMO Center, to develop a bicycle prototype! The workshop was led by Specialized engineer, Robin! The group of students were from diverse backgrounds from graphic design to architecture, but they all had a passion for innovation.

The guidelines of the workshop were to produce a sustainable, homegrown bicycle using resources available only in Armenia. This workshop proved that the resources and materials to mass produce the bicycles in Armenia are in fact available!

The bicycle frame is made out of steel-a durable, common, and relatively cheap material that can be easily fixed in the event that the frame becomes damaged. This decision made by the students and Robin will ensure the sustainability of the bicycle for many years.

The bicycle is designed for youth in the mid to late teens which is the average age range of most of our recipients. The frame shape is designed to absorb vibrations caused by the rugged terrain of some parts of Armenia. Also, the bicycle is a single-speed in a convenient gearing so the rider can tackle flat and uphill roads. A single-speed bicycle reduces the chance of a mechanical problem.

The computer rendered image depicts the bicycle frame that was designed prior to the actual welding process. The photos show the local welder’s shop where the bicycle tubes were bent and connected. The raw steel used is exposed on the physical bicycle and was completed using components, like wheels and handlebars, from local bicycle shops.

We’ll be revealing a computer rendered image of the final design shortly!

Thank you so much to the talented team and Robin for making this possible! You’re all amazing individuals!

We are thrilled for the potential of this new initiative. We’ll keep you all updated on the next steps of creating our own, unique One Bicycle Foundation bicycle!



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