Must Read: World Bicycle Relief’s 2022 Impact Report

We are so happy to have a partner like World Bicycle Relief. They recently published their 2022 Impact Report and it has some amazing insights highlighting the power of bicycles in impacted communities across the globe. We are proud to have been a small impact in WBR’s record breaking year for deliveries. Check out the […]

Foster Children Delivery

After delivering 250 bicycles to orphans in 6 different countries, we have decided to focus our next effort locally. Through one of our supporters, Jessica Villasenor-Figueroa, we came to learn about the All Saints Church Foster Care Project and their amazing work with foster children in LA County. Did you know there are 28,000 foster […]

Matungu Community Delivery in Kenya!

20 MORE BIKES HAVE BEEN DELIVERED IN KENYA! We are thrilled to announce that 20 bikes were delivered to the girls of the Matungu Community Development Charity in Kenya on Sunday (07/17). These bikes will give these girls the tools necessary to go to school in a safer and faster way. They will no longer […]

Amazing Documentary about Orphans

We just finished watching an awesome documentary, On the Way to School. It highlights the exact issue we are striving to solve which is that children across the world are walking extreme distances through daunting terrain just to receive an education. I encourage everyone to check it out as it gives you deep insight into […]

$1000 Donation!

We are thrilled to announce that Riedon Inc. has donated $1000 to Bikes 4 Orphans. Reidon Inc has been a strong supporter of Bikes 4 Orphans in the past like sponsoring our first Bike-a-thon. With the $1000 we will be able to buy and deliver 8 bicycles to send to our next orphanage (stay tuned […]

Meet the kids who received bikes from Uganda delivery

Some new photos from our Uganda delivery from Ebenezer Children’s Ministry. These kids were chosen because of how far they have to walk to school, some walk 3.5 mile each way to get to school. We were introduced to this orphanage by Mr. Ford from his organization, Man Up and Go. We would like to thank Mr. […]


We are excited to report that the bicycles arrived at Ebenezer Orphanage in ‪Uganda‬ per our plan. Thanks to the World Bicycle Relief team for delivering them on time and assembling them on site. Ebenezer orphanage’s kids walk on average 2.5miles each day to go to school! Now 16 kids are able to go to school faster and in […]

Next Delivery, Uganda

We have great news! We have identified and qualified our next orphanage to receive ‪#‎bicycles‬. The next delivery will be to an orphanage in Uganda. This will mean we have delivered 252 bicycles to 6 countries As we post this news, the bikes are currently being delivered from Kenya to Uganda. As with our previous deliveries, […]