New Bike Route

The yellow line is the bike route, which is also a
 fire road. As you can see it is right on top of the mountain, 
the riders will have a gorgeous view of the city.

My friend, an adult adviser, and I have been deciding for a month and a half about where the bike route is going to be. Yesterday, we decided that the bike-a-thon is actually going to be a mountain biking event. We came to this conclusion because of two reasons. One is that a road biking event requires too many permits and documents are required to give you permission to set up a bike-a-thon in the streets of some city. Second is that a mountain biking event is much safer because there are no cars or traffic to worry about. The worst injury during a mountain biking event is falling on the dirt, however the worst injury in a road biking event is getting hit by a car. The bike route will take the rider on a beautiful trip along the mountains starting from Glendale (CA) to Burbank (CA). If you have any questions please comment on this post. I hope to see some of you at this Bike-a-thon!


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