Recipient Updates for Matungu Community Development Charity!

We are thrilled to share the remarkable stories of impact from our recent bicycle distribution to the Matungu Community Development Charity and their network of schools. Our mission was to ease the commute for students in Kenya, enabling them to reach school and pursue their education efficiently.


Juliet Nekesa, a determined student at Nangina Girls High School, now bikes through an easy journey that once took 40 minutes in just 20, thanks to the bicycle she received. This has not only sliced her commute time in half, but also gifted her extra hours for evening studies, crucial for her dream of becoming a Neurosurgeon. Juliet also creatively employs her bicycle in daily chores, transporting organic manure to her garden and selling vegetables in the market to buy essential school supplies.


On a similar note, Barasa Doreen, a student at Fr. Simon Sibembe Secondary School, has seen her daily hour-long trek to school slashed to a mere 10 minutes. The ripple effect of this change is profound – more time for evening studies, promptness in reaching school, and an invaluable aid in helping with household chores, including transporting farm produce to the market and taking sick family members to the hospital. This bicycle has not only fueled Barasa’s dreams of nursing, but has significantly improved her studies and time management, showcasing how simple solutions can create large impacts. Help us connect students to their dreams one bicycle at a time. #OneBicycleFoundation #EducationForAll



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