60 Bicycles Delivered to Matungu Community Development Charity (Our 4th Delivery to MCDC!)

We’re thrilled to announce the latest delivery by the One Bicycle Foundation – a donation of 60 bicycles to the Matungu Community Development Charity (MCDC). This incredible gesture was made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, whose support continually empowers communities in need. We have a long relationship with the MCDC and the schools they help. Vincent from MCDC has shared heartening updates about the profound impact these bicycles are already making in the lives of the local students and their families.

The bicycles have become more than just a mode of transport; they are tools of transformation. With schools on break, students are using them for essential tasks like fetching water and firewood, transporting farm produce to the market, and delivering goods necessary for their families’ livelihood. This initiative is easing daily burdens and contributing to the preparation for the upcoming school year. More than just aiding in chores, these bicycles are a catalyst for educational improvement, especially for over 120 school-going children.

Why 120 if only 60 bicycles were delivered? Vincent has mentioned that the students are ferrying one another with the bicycles, essentially doubling the impact!

Bicycles are enabling students, particularly girls, to arrive at school on time, thus enhancing their academic performance. Additionally, the bicycles are being used by parents post-school hours, aiding in farming and other activities that boost household income and foster long-term community development. The sharing of each bicycle between two students exemplifies the unity and collaborative spirit of the community. This delivery is not just a donation; it’s a step towards lasting change and improved living standards, made possible by the kindness and vision of our donors at the One Bicycle Foundation.

More pictures on our website: https://onebicyclefoundation.org/matungu-charity/

Photo credits to the talented Lameck Ododo


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