We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Newell for donating $5,000 today!…

🎊🎊We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Newell for donating $5,000 today! 🎊🎊

We are so grateful for their generosity and for believing in our mission. The Newells will change the lives of many students through bicycle empowerment. Thank you for giving these girls and boys the chance to create a bright future for themselves. We want to share two stories, courtesy of the Riley Orton Foundation Org – ROF, Kisumu, Kenya, of how the bicycles have helped these amazing, resilient students over the many years.

Our first story shows Victor’s work ethic and willingness to help others with his bicycle:

‘’My name is Victor Onyango, a 9th grader at Nyang’inja secondary school. I was privileged to acquire a bicycle from Riley Orton Foundation three years ago while I was still in primary school. I can say it was by God’s grace because the demand for the bicycles is so high in the community. The bicycle has helped in so many ways and apart from cycling to school, it has helped my dad who is physically disabled to attend his hospital sessions. The bicycle has also helped me to earn income for my struggling family especially during the Covid -19 pandemic when schools were suspended. I used it to fetch water for my neighbors and get paid. I used the proceeds to buy stationery for school.”

Our second story demonstrates Alice’s perseverance to pursue education:

“Alice Sabina is a 5th grade student at Akili girls’ preparatory school who suffers from sickle cell anemia, a condition that has drained her family financially. The family has been spending a lot on transport to school and back home daily because she cannot walk for long due to her condition. Since she got a bicycle, the burden on transport has been lifted.”

Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Newell for touching their lives from thousands of miles away. We will always remember the burden you alleviated for many students like Alice and Victor.

More updates to come soon.



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