We have received an update from some of the students that received bicycles!…

🚲We have received an update from some of the students that received bicycles!🚲

COVID19 has been a massive source of struggle for them but we are happy that the durable, reliable bicycles you all sent them have alleviated some of their burden.

This excerpt is from David who runs the Riley Orton Foundation Org – ROF, Kisumu, Kenya in Kenya. They continue to find creative ways to potentiate the impact of bicycles.

“Despite a 3rd wave of Covid severely affecting families here, we have been able to safely keep all our girls in school since January. Our 8th graders are currently sitting for their primary school exit exams and will join high school in July. We have been [using bicycles to give] uniforms and sanitary pads to needy girls.”

They are also continuing to identify girls who are at risk of exchanging sexual favors in return for rides to school. Unfortunately, distance is one of the primary reasons why these girls are unable to access education. We are continuing to collect donations in order to prepare for a larger delivery.

In addition, despite rough weather the past couple weeks, David reported the following:

“Heavy rains are being reported in most parts of the country with roads rendered impassable. The bikes are really helping the students to navigate their way to school.”

We are pleased that bikes continue to bridge the gap between inaccessibility and education.

Furthermore at the Matungu Community Development Charity, Vincent organized a bicycle clinic to conduct maintenance on the bicycles and check in with the students. We are so happy to see all those smiling faces!



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