Bike-a-thon Fundraiser

One of the ways I am going to raise money to buy the 42 bicycles for the children at the Machao Orphanage is to set up a Bike-a-thon. After talking with the director of the Orphanage, Carolyn Rowley, we have decide to set the Bike-a-thon on May 4. Setting up a Bike-a-thon is a difficult process, so I have contacted a young man, Jaime, at Crank LA Clothing Store. Him and his friends have organized many bike-a-thons and other various biking events. They have also offered to create a unique Bikes 4 Orphanages logo and redesign my flyers and posters with the help of their talented graphic design team. With their help, the bike-a-thon will be something amazing we can all look forward too. I don’t have specific details on the bike-a-thon but it will be incorporated with my high school, St. Francis High School in La Canada. See you all there! 
Crank LA Clothing

You can visit the Crank LA Clothing store here.


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