Meet our new volunteer!

A couple days ago, a teenager and a new friend approached me to offer his help with Bikes 4 Orphans. Kahui is an example of a teenager who has decided to combine his passion for cycling with charity. Like the rest of the Bikes 4 Orphans team, he is an avid cyclist. He is also […]

Loco Motion 10K Run

We are proud to say that we are Community Partners for the Loco Motion 10k run scheduled on October 20, 2013. The race is meant to raise awareness and advocate for a safer and more accessible means of travel throughout Los Angeles and advocate for bike safety and promote the benefits of alternative transportation.  We encourage all […]

Bikes 4 Orphans Facebook Page!

Come check out our Facebook page. We will be posting regular updates about the bike-a-thon and any other interesting news regarding our project. Please like the page to show your support about our cause. You can like the page if you click on this link:

Peace First Prize

Recently we turned in our application for the Peace First Prize. This organization awards $50,000 to projects that promote peace, like ours. Bikes 4 Orphans promotes peace by donating bicycles to orphans so they will have the opportunity to go to school and receive a better education. This education will prevent them from living lives of violence […]

New Sponsors for the Bike-a-thon and $4200 raised!

I am pleased to announce that we have completed our goal of $4200 because of the generosity of 5 new sponsors. First of all I want to thank these sponsors: Skyline Home Loans Element 18 Design and Communications Sarian Insurance Agency AGD-AGC Daily Computing Solutions, Inc. The next challenge is to organize the Mountain Biking Event and […]

Buy Our T-shirts and help us raise money

Hi everyone! We have created our T-shirts that we will be wearing to meet with various  business for sponsorships. After we figure out the businesses that will be sponsoring Bikes 4 Orphans and the Mountain Biking event we will create a new batch of T-shirts.                       […]

Happy Birthday Deena!

I knew that in order for this project to succeed, I needed to inspire teenagers to help these 42 orphans! I am honored and proud to say that this has come true, especially from a generous donation from a teenage girl, Deena. She just celebrated her 14th birthday. Most teenagers want to buy clothes, video games, shoes and other […]

New Bike Route

The yellow line is the bike route, which is also a  fire road. As you can see it is right on top of the mountain,  the riders will have a gorgeous view of the city. My friend, an adult adviser, and I have been deciding for a month and a half about where the bike route is going […]

$1350 raised and $2850 left to go

This is our new logo courtesy  of Crank LA Clothing Store. is  currently  under  construction  and will be completed in  3 weeks Wow! I am very pleased to say that because of the generosity of many people we have raised $1350 dollars and are one-third of the way completed. Thank you to all my supporters, I […]