Delivery Highlight – Akili STEMarts Academy – One Bicycle Foundation

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is another amazing video produced by Ododo Lameck for the students that are supported by the Akili STEMarts Academy run by the Riley Orton Foundation Org – ROF, Kisumu, Kenya. The bicycles are powered by Buffalo Bicycles from World Bicycle Relief.

Most importantly, this delivery of 40 bicycles would not have been possible without the fundraising efforts of our very own Alec, who organized an amazing bike-a-thon during the Fall of 2022. Thank you to all the participants and sponsors as well!

These bicycles are changing lives and giving these incredible students the independence and mobility to succeed and to pursue their dreams.

More big deliveries planned for this year!

And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all our donors and supporters who have made this dream possible for so many students. You are changing lives one bicycle at a time!



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