Bicycles Changing Lives…

Elsa, a 7th grader, received one of our bicycles last winter. She lives in Kisumu, Kenya with her mother, father, and five siblings. Her father works as a night guard and washes clothes during the day. Her mother’s a cook at a local primary school.

Her family struggles to make ends meet but Elsa says that her bicycle has relieved a big financial burden. Before bicycles, the only feasible way to get to school was either walking for hours or spending 60 shillings ($1) to take the bus. The bus fare was a huge burden on her family but necessary to ensure her safe commute to school.

However, now she’s able to save her family money by going to school safely in just 30 minutes. Apart from going to school, she helps her family by using her bike to fetch water and go to the market. In addition, she’s at the top of her class.

With consistent access to school, safety from sexual predators, and a stellar academic performance, bicycles are helping connect Elsa to her dream of becoming a doctor.

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