100 Bicycle Delivery in 3 Weeks…

Thrilled to announce that we’ll be donating 70 bicycles to the Matungu Community Development Charity in Kenya. We donated 45 bicycles to them almost 2 years ago. But because the bicycles changed so many lives, we’ve decided to collaborate once more. We’ll also be delivering 30 bicycles to the Ndoto Hub in Tanzania. The bicycles will arrive in 3 weeks! Thank you to all our supporters for making this possible. Stay tuned for our pre-delivery report that will reveal the current state of the students!



  • Karine Aboolian
    Wow ... such a great accomplishment ... BRAVO
  • Nin Ak
    Wow!!! Amazing!!!!!!!
  • Karineh Hatoomian
  • Ivet Isagulyan
    Amazing! Bravo!! 🥰❤️👏🏼🙏🏼
  • German Frankfurters
    Where can I get this One Bicycle Foundation on call or place in SA?
  • Evans Okumu
    EXcited to be connected with this wonderful foundation the One One Bicycle Foundation. Bravoo.. Our brother Jean Bazikian
  • Joseph Kenn Mutisya
    One Bicycle Foundation am happy to be connected to you. I love this personally. Here in Kenya we say, ASANTE SANA.

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