INCREDIBLE news! We are THRILLED to report that we just completed another delivery of 110 #Bicycles to Kenya!

INCREDIBLE news! We are THRILLED to report that we just completed another delivery of 110 #Bicycles to Kenya!

The bicycles were delivered to the Riley Orton Foundation Org – ROF, Kisumu, Kenya in Kisumu, Kenya. This amazing foundation strives to provide young girls and women with #education and economic empowerment. David Omondi, the founder, through many social projects, including micro loans, is helping these girls reach their full potential.

Through the collaboration between the Riley Orton Foundation and One Bicycle Foundation, 110 girls will have a sustainable and efficient form of transportation forever. The bicycles will drastically reduce the time the girls spend walking and give them the independence they need to find jobs or pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Most importantly, the bicycles will protect them from sexual harassment during the passage to school.

Thank you to all our amazing supporters, especially the 8th grade class of Chandler School, for making this achievement possible. Also, a special thank you to the McGinnity Family Foundation for their generous grant!

50 bicycles were dispatched last week with an additional 60 en route for a mid-December delivery.

Thank you to Focus on Children Now -FCN and Karine Aboolian for their continued support and guidance. In addition, we are grateful for the new partnership we formed with the World Bicycle Relief to make this delivery possible.

Now we need to ask you for a favor, if you can’t help financially please help us by sharing this post with your friends and family. We are looking to expand our donor base. Or let us know if you know of a company that will be willing to sponsor our organization.

Please visit and donate whatever you can. $169 provides a bicycle, tool kit, a helmet, and a 5-year bicycle warranty to a student in need. Help us unleash the power of bicycles.


Message us an image of your donation receipt and we will send you some swag as we approach the #Holidays!

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