BBQ Ride


These are the following Strava KOM segments that will be part of the competition:

Register Here:

Rest Stop:

Located at the intersection of Big  Tujunga Canyon road and Angeles Forrest Highway. Located ~30 miles into the ride. Water and energy gels will be provided there.

Ride Map:

The ride will be chaperoned by the Velo Pasadena Cycling Team

Cue sheets will be handed out to all riders

Ride Details:

There will be no active follow car

Bring 2x flat kits just in case

Ride will be chaperoned by Velo Pasadena cycling team

They will be riding at a moderate pace for non-competitors

Dropped riders will not be waited on

Those who do not want to do the full ride can just come for the BBQ as long as they pay the registration fee.


Raffle Tickets:

Raffle Ticket = 5$/Ticket

Raffle Prize = Mavic Wheels! More info to follow



Garmin Forerunner 35

Giro Synthe

Garmin HR Monitor and Speed Cadence Sensor

2x $100 Velo Pasadena Gift Cards

 King of the Hill Competition Details

These are the following Strava KOM segments that will be part of the competition:

Strava #1: Oak Grove – Windsor to Berkshire

Distance: .7mi 0% gradient

Average duration: 1:16 – 2:40min


Strava #2: Delta Flats

Distance: 2.1 mile 3% gradient

Average duration 6:14 – 10:00min


Strava #3: AFH: Big Tujunga to Clear Creek

Distance: 3.8 mile 2% gradient

Average duration: 12:00 – 20min


Strava #4: Fair Oaks Climb North- Venture to Altadena Dr

Distance: .4 mile 6% gradient

Average duration: 1:20 – 3:00min


Strava #5: Altadena Dr. Descent

Distance:  1.3 mile -5% gradient

Average duration: 2:00 – 3:00min


How it works:

At the end of the BBQ ride, riders will upload the ride on strava. There will be computer access. A registered rider for the B4O BBQ ride with the fastest time for a particular segment will win a specific prize for that segment. The competition is only among registered riders for the event.


All traffic laws must be obeyed.

The participant must do the complete ride, all 55 miles.

One rider can only win one segment. For example, one rider can’t win the prize for all the segments.

If there is a tie, the value of the prize will be divided into two equal gift cards shared by both winners.